Ride to Work Day

2Wheels Greater Manchester is working in partnership with the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) to provide businesses and supporters in London with the resources to promote Ride to Work Day.

The international Ride To Work Day campaign marks its 30th birthday this year and UK promoters of the campaign, MAG, are using the opportunity to promote the fun side of riding a motorcycle or scooter.

Ride To Work Day 2021 takes place on Monday 21 June.

MAG plans a program of promotion leading up to the event. The idea is to spread the word that riding a motorcycle or scooter is a sensible and practical choice for the daily commute.

To help with the promotion of the event, 2Wheels Greater Manchester has received from MAG a series of posters, with 2Wheels Greater Manchester branding, which are free to download.

Click here to download the suite of posters.